Various Uses Of Metal Nanoparticles Properties In Different Fields

Metal Nanoparticles Properties

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Nanoparticles refers to those one-dimensional elements which measures 100 nanometers or lesser. A property of various conventional particles undergoes a change when they are converted from nanoparticles.

This happens because the larger particles have lesser surface area per weight than metal nanoparticles properties. As a result, the nanoparticles are more reactive as compared to its larger successors.

Details of metal nanoparticles properties

Uses of metal nano particles are concentrated over a large number of fields.

In medicinal field, metal nanoparticles are used to treat diverse illnesses. Polymeric micelle nanoparticles are used for treating tumors. Nanoparticles of polymer coated iron oxides are used to break up bacterial clusters by possibly allowing effective treatment for chronic bacterial infections. Cerium oxide nanoparticles are good antioxidant for removal of oxygen free radicals which might be present in the bloodstream as a result of traumatic injuries.

Nanoparticles have large scale beneficial impacts in manufacturing industry. Ceramic silicon carbide infested nanoparticles are dispersed in magnesium to produce a lightweight and strong material. Nickel nanoparticles along with polymer is a composite material which yield self-healing capability to synthetic skin I prosthetics, when the cuts are sealed.

Silver nanoparticles are used in killing bacteria and making odor-resistant clothing. Silicon dioxide crystalline nanoparticles are used for filling gaps in between carbon fibers which increases the strength of tennis racquets. Nanoparticles of zinc oxide when dispersed in industrial coatings helps in protection of plastic, textiles and wood when exposed to UV rays.

Uses of metal nanoparticles

Environmental applications of nanoparticles include breaking down volatile organic pollutants in air, oil into biodegradable compounds, cleaning up carbon tetrachloride pollution and many more.

In electronics field, researchers have made use of nanoparticles in fuel cells to develop low cost electrodes. Silver nano particle inks are uses of metal nanoparticles form which the conductive lines in circuit boards. Fuel cells with twelve times the catalytic power of pure platinum are created using platinum cobalt nanoparticles.

Metal nanoparticles are used in various other fields and more discoveries will reveal significant qualities of these particles in the near future.



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