The Holy and Auspicious Sikh Wedding Card Wordings

Sikh Wedding Card Wordings

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A traditional Sikh marriage also known as Anand Karaj is a festive and joyous event that is adored for its grand theme, bright decor and pompous celebrations that last for a period of seven consecutive days. Every day has its own significance, and after a series of ceremonies such as Rokha (official announcement of the wedding), Sangeet, Mehendi and Haldi the final day is dedicated to the wedding i.e. Anand Karaj.

There is so much that occurs in a Sikh wedding, and for each one of the celebrations, you have to invite the guests with a different invitation card. For instance, the Sangeet card wordings shouldn't be same as the wordings in the Mehendi or Haldi card, the purpose of the invitation are different and so are the wordings of the Sikh wedding invitations.

Framing The Right Sikh Wedding Invitation Wordings

Unlike the common misconception that most of the people have, framing words for a Sikh wedding card does not have to be challenging, only when you are aware of a few basic points. These points are:

  • Embrace the Classic Wordings

The Sikh wedding card must incorporate certain religious verses of the Guru Granth Sahib. These are usually written in Gurumukhi (traditional scripts used by the Sikh community). Some of the common examples of verses that you can have in these cards are: "In the name of the universal creator, no hatred, no fear, beyond the birth and self-existence by the grace of Guru". There are many options to choose from and this gives you the opportunity to choose the best Sikh wedding card wordings.

  • Do Be Creative

Following the traditional rules does not mean that you have to give up on creativity. Rather, experiment with the wordings that are close to your heart and then come up with something that is unique, original and captures the attention of guests in no time.

  • Reflect Your Emotions

At last, the very purpose of beautifully wording the card is not only to inform the guests about the wedding but at the same time to showcase the emotions that you have for them in an amazing way.



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